Ready Now Staffing

About Us

Initially, Ready Now provided a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, primarily in the hospital setting.  Ready Now Staffing was established in 2004 with a robust focus on complementary hospital staffing. Gradually, the focus shifted to home infusion therapy and our nurses became well known for their skill and caring in the field of infusion services.  Ready Now Staffing is now fully dedicated to providing highly qualified nurses for the infusion of specialty medications, including IVIG and many other products.

Meet the RNSC

Admin Team

Nathaniel Joy RN


Nate is a transplant from the East Coast, and more specifically from the beautiful, but sparsely populated state of Maine. Not one to stand still for long, Nate ended up in Northern California for high school, then Tennessee for University, where he earned his BSN degree. After gaining a bit of nursing experience in Tennessee, Nate took on several travel nursing assignments which led him to the Southern Coast of California where he has established ties (and a Staffing Company). When not infusing, or doing paperwork, Nate loves anything beach related including stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming.

In 2005 Nate had the opportunity to administer his first non-hospital based IVIG infusion and knew immediately it was a match. In addition to the challenge of finding those “difficult” veins he absolutely loves the opportunity to provide attentive nursing care over an extended period of time, often months to years. Many patients report dramatic stabilization/improvement with treatment and that brings a lot of joy to the team. Nate realizes his limits and holds an intense gratitude for all the incredible staff and nurses who have chosen to align with Ready NOW Staffing to provide impeccable nursing care. Some nurses have remained faithful employees for over 10 years now!

Laura Crawford

Office Manager

Laura Crawford is best known for her starring role in the 80’s hit show, “Small Wonder,” as Vicky, the monotone child robot*. In the 90’s she quit acting and concentrated on her career as a ventriloquist doing shows on the road all across the US.  She gained recognition among the entertainment community and toured with the USO around the world.  When she wasn’t entertaining the troops, she was secretly gaining access to high profile foreign leaders secrets for the US government. She was awarded the Medal of Honor for her work however she politely declined it stating, “I did it for our freedom, not for the recognition.”*

In 2005, a chance meeting with Nate, led her to working with him in his new company.  She manages the day-to-day office duties including: maintaining patient files, payroll, treatment scheduling, and personal assistant duties for the boss, as needed.

*not anywhere near factual

Nick Hassan

QA/PI Manager

Nick, an Orange County native, earned his Business Administration degree at California State University, Long Beach.  With over 20 years of experience in the home health setting and clinical record chart auditing, Nick started a career in healthcare in the late 1990s with the largest home health agency in California. As a proficient OASIS coder and an integral part of the agency, he trained new coders, and oriented clinicians, clinical managers, and the director of nursing on proper documentation and coding to achieve maximum reimbursement.  In 2016, Nick joined Ready Now Staffing as a QA/PI to audit our clinical documentation. With his meticulous and detail-oriented skills in the home health setting, he ensures our nurses remain in compliance and adhere to professional standards.

Kathie Duck

LVN On-boarding Specialist

Kathie was born and raised in Southern California, attending high school in Hacienda Heights and earning a Bachelor’s in Communications at Cal State Fullerton.  In 2009, Kathie decided a career in healthcare was her calling and she earned her LVN.

Before coming to Ready Now, Kathie was a clinic manager at an outpatient dialysis center in Long Beach, however was unable to go back to school to earn an RN at the same time. After losing her mother to cancer in 2016, Kathie decided there is no time like the present, and she is now pursuing her RN and found an excellent opportunity at Ready Now Staffing. Kathie looks forward to one day providing infusion services as a Ready Now field nurse.

Her role at Ready Now includes recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding potential field nurses, as well as ensuring our nurses’ credentials are up-to-date.  In her spare time, she enjoys going to Disneyland, the beach, concerts, and just hanging out with her family.

Andrea Duran

Director of Business Development

Andrea Duran has been in the medical field for over 9 years. She has a background in business administration and has in-depth knowledge of medical billing, medical insurance, patient services, and credentialing. She has attended several conferences and seminars over the past 5 years, on medical management. She has extensive on hand experience with state and local compliance audits. Andrea enjoys to cook, entertain, and make custom flower arrangements. When she is not working she enjoys taking Pilate classes.


Ready Now Staffing extends the offer of employment to qualified candidates without consideration of age, color, national origin, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive for excellence in every way.